Created By: MICHAEL W. FORDYCE, Ph.D are fourteen, highly characteristic traits of happy individuals, according to years of collected research. Each of these 14 happiness traits, according to the research, make a significant contribution to the happiness that the happiest individuals enjoy.



The “Fourteen Fundamentals” are:   

  1. Be more active and keep busy.
  2. Spend more time socializing.
  3. Be productive at meaningful work.
  4. Get better-organized and plan things out.
  5. Stop worrying.
  6. Lower your expectations and aspirations.
  7. Develop positive optimistic thinking.
  8. Get present-oriented.
  9. WOAHP — work on a healthy personality.
  10. Develop an outgoing, social personality.
  11. Be yourself.
  12. Eliminate the negative feelings and problems.
  13. Close relationships are #1 source of happiness.
  14. VALHAP — the “secret fundamental”. (Value Happiness).