• Try Living fully in the present moment.
  • Developing your potential and finding ways to express it
  • Developing coping skills and building resilience; to adapt to life’s uncertainties.
  • Try Practicing an attitude of gratitude (counting your blessings)
  • Discover what are the things that add value to your life and set goals according to your values.
  • Contributing and engaging in activities that actively build social connections and contribute to the well-being of others, and of the planet.
  • Healthy diet and spending time out of doors.
  • Staying active.
  • Committing to a life-giving spiritual practice, that increases meaning and purpose.
  • Make sure to get a proper amount of sleep.

Try to avoid,

Getting stuck in rumination    – negatively mulling over past events.

Anticipatory anxiety; – worrying about future events.

Engaging in Social comparisons –  keeping up with the Jones’s

Three Small tips for Living Mindfully.

Breath 7/11-Drop the shoulders and bring attentiveness to the inhale for the count of seven and exhale for the count of eleven.

Bring attention to the body- feel feet on ground, hands on lap etc… remember your body is always in the now!

Activity, – choose a routine activity e.g. brushing teeth, and be with the sensations rather than racing ahead with to do lists. (Remember to do things mindfully).