A lot of the time we are on ‘automatic pilot’, whereby the constant internal ‘noise’ of mental activity builds up stress hormones in the body. In this retreat/workshop we will learn how to ‘switch off’ the anxiety/ stress activity button . This reduces our habitual tendency of being ‘lost’ in the past or the future, in self judgement or comparisons,. Through input, guided meditation, reflective music, gentle scriptural reflection and healing rituals, we will begin to ‘wake up’ to the miracle of who we are. Booking: Ph 057.8626153
Patrick Sheehan MIAHIP, and Martina Lehane Sheehan MIAHIP (Cork Wellbeing Counselling) have been facilitating retreats and workshops for many years in Ireland and Internationally. They bring a mind, body spirit approach to their retreats.; Patrick, an Accredited Psychotherapist is also a CBT Practitioner and Musician, while Martina, is an Accredited Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director and Author of four best selling titles.